Emerson College Family Programs

Emerson College is fully committed to creating and maintaining strong connections with the families of every student so that all family members know that we depend on them as a vital partner to ensure all students are cared for and supported.  Indeed it takes a village to raise a student, and we are thrilled to be building our village with our exceptional community of families


Emerson College Family Programs

We have created a suite of programs and services that allow families to celebrate, recognize, and encourage their students from afar.  Choose from the options below:

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A fun, easy-to-build montage of videos created by friends and family, packaging words and images of support, congratulations, and wisdom with lasting impact.

Celebrating the power of life lessons through a collaborative, digital tool.

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Cameo operates a marketplace of actors, athletes, and musicians, allowing students and families to book personalized Cameo videos to celebrate any occasion. 

The Tribute platform makes it easy to invite siblings, grandparents and other family members to collect photos and videos and compile them into a support-filled montage that your student will cherish forever.

Give a unique gift to celebrate a milestone: invite family & friends to share their life lessons and images; review and select content for your book; approve for printing and send to your student.

Does your student have a favorite actor or musician – someone that would bring them joy and excitement?  Use Cameo.com to search their categories and choose one to deliver a special birthday, congratulations, or support message to your son or daughter.


“It’s hard to describe how much it meant to see all these memories captured. She was absolutely enthralled from start to finish, and it certainly had a meaningful impact.” 


The Tribute was such a special gift. It is wonderful to know how many people’s lives he touched and that he is loved by so many. No mother could ask for more for her son.


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