CareerBridge for Dependents

CareerBridge is a new employee benefit program that provides employees’ dependents with the resources and skills to make a successful transition from education to career.

Recent studies show that employees with high school and college age depedents have expressed concern for their depedents’ lack of career planning and preparation.  Over 80% of employee responses cited uncertainty over the types of jobs their dependents might obtain and how they would become financially self-sufficient.  CareerBridge was created to help address these challenges.

Student Playbook's solutions help employees’
dependents ages 16-25 to launch successful careers

Foundational resources designed to improve job, internship and career outcomes for students and recent alumni

Teaches the importance of engaging in career planning early and obtaining valuable internships

Helps navigate the search for full-time employment. Includes a guided learning path and personal coaching

Manages the career launch process. Create and share documents, find contacts and access information for 16+M jobs and 144M+ professionals

Offers parents a simple and quick way to put in place the state-specific legal documents needed to make decisions for their dependent in the event of an emergency