Every stakeholder involved in student career success faces a challenge.
Student Playbook is the solution.

Who We Serve at Student Playbook

Who We Serve

Students & Alumni

85% of individuals go to college to get a good job. We provide students and alumni with a clear path to career success, navigational job search tools, and meaningful employment opportunities.

Our solutions are ideal because they simplify and personalize the process. As individuals progress through our innovative curriculum, they build stronger
networks and create a career plan.  The result is faster, better employment outcomes for all.



57% of university career centers have experienced resource reductions in the past year. We help by providing additive resources, valuable data and a proven partner in career development.

Our services do not compete with nor attempt to replace those already available. In fact, our student and family outreach amplifies institutional messaging. And because our solutions improve outcome metrics, institutional metrics also improve.



Families spend up to $300,000 on college tuition and expect strong return on investment. Yet outcomes often do not match expectations. And families are typically unable to help their students navigate the career launch process.

We help families by providing a guided path to their students’ career launch and alleviating stress. With Student Playbook, families see increased return sooner on their education investment.



Employers spend over $4,000 on average per new hire. Yet over 61% of employers state that students are poorly prepared for the workplace.

We minimize hiring risk and save on costs by delivering engaged, properly prepared candidates.

More than ever, employers need direct paths to connect with qualified prospective hires. Student Playbook provides the solution.

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