Advancing career success and lifelong engagement

We engage talented students and alumni by providing the career services they want and need

53% of recent graduates are unemployed or working in jobs they are overqualified for. But, recruiters and employers are still struggling to find talent.

Playbook bridges this disconnect and solves challenges for:

Our innovative solution

Endorsed Marketing
  • 220+ university partnerships
  • Endorsement drives response rate
Programs and Process
Career Services
  • CareerShift job search and networking platform
  • Coaching and upskilling
Recruiter Network
  • Access to live recruiters
  • Unmatched networking

CareerShift is our foundational, award-winning job search and networking platform

220+ college and university clients

CareerShift Drives Value to:


Career centers and alumni offices provide the career services students and alumni want.

Students and Alumni

Direct subscriptions to students, alumni, and parents outside of our school partners.


Voluntary benefit provides employees’ dependents the tools they need for career success.


Networking platform for finding both candidates and new clients.

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