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In today’s highly challenging and unpredictable labor market, searching for a job has never been more demanding. New and recent college graduates—no matter how strong their preparation—face the high likelihood of unemployment or underemployment.

Recognizing the impact of engaging, results-focused programs that guide students through career preparation and job searching, Student Playbook provides individualized instruction, encouragement, and support from the time a student begins assessing post-high school options through the first years after college graduation.

Academic Institutions

For academic institutions, Student Playbook complements existing career services resources, enabling them to serve more students with more personalized instruction and support, while also contributing financial support through revenue sharing opportunities.


For employers, Student Playbook provides employees with access to this essential service—a powerful benefit that aids both recruiting and retention.

Students & Families

Most importantly, ensuring the return on investment made by parents and families, Student Playbook delivers access to expert coaches, a guided learning plan, and powerful tools and resources to help students get a good job in a timely manner.

“Student Playbook reduces friction in the system and closes critical gaps to help students get the career planning support they need.”

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Career Playbook

How It Works 

Career Playbook:

A program that helps undergraduates and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience. Career Playbook includes engaging video and interactive content, personalized coaching support, and an unsurpassed collection of open job and internship postings.


Family Education Benefits

How It Works 

Family Education Benefits:

A portfolio of high-impact educational services for employees’ dependents and family members. The service makes it easy for employers to provide highly desired benefits, ranging from informational events to job search resources to the full Career Playbook program. A powerful employee recruitment and retention tool, the service enhances employees’ investment in their children’s education.

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