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What is Student Playbook?​


About Us

Student Playbook is a vital strategic partner for higher educational institutions committed to protecting and growing their most valuable asset: enduring relationships with their students, families, alumni, community, and team members. Our comprehensive suite of tools and programs spans the entire student and employee lifecycle, helping colleges and universities successfully welcome and engage community members, celebrate achievements, and develop proud, involved alumni.

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Career Playbook

How It Works 

Career Playbook:

Career Playbook helps students and recent graduates find great jobs and launch their careers. Our expansive network of professional career coaches and industry experts plus powerful tools and instructional material provide the precise guidance and support students and recent graduates require.

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Campus Playbook

How It Works 

Campus Playbook:

Campus Playbook programs empower universities to creatively and memorably acknowledge the achievements and contributions of their students, families, alumni, community, and team members. We enable university leaders to express their deep appreciation for the steadfast commitments that their stakeholders have made to their institutions, and celebrate the many milestones that their students and alumni have reached.

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