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Student Playbook recognizes the need for high-quality, results-oriented programs that guide students through the process of career preparation and job acceptance. We help undergraduates and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience, and we serve as a trusted advisor to schools in delivering impactful support and encouragement to students and their families.

Our Mission

To empower educational institutions to strengthen relationships and career opportunities for their students

Meet our Team


Student Playbook

Devin Schain

Founder & CEO

Student Playbook was founded by Devin Schain. Devin is also the founder of On Campus Marketing (OCM) which makes shopping for college dorm essentials easier and more affordable and is also the nationwide leader of university fundraising programs. Devin started and sold several education support (service) companies including Campus MD/Access Health Group, Campus Direct and Educational Direct. Devin is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, is married with 3 awesome kids and lives in greater DC.

Stephen Douglass


Stephen serves in finance/ operations leadership roles in companies experiencing rapid growth or turnaround. He began his career at BB&T Capital Markets in technology investment banking. Since 2009, Stephen has led thousands of students through startup skill-building intensives at Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Boston College, and Boise State. Stephen graduated from William & Mary with a degree in Economics. He earned an MBA from Babson College, and lives with his family in Washington, DC.

Josh Orenstein Headshot

Josh Orenstein

EVP, Product

For more than 25 years, Josh has been building, running, and marketing great information products for leading content companies, including Time Inc., the Associated Press, Corporate Executive Board, and American Lawyer Media. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania, Josh is married with 2 children and lives in Bethesda, MD.

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Marissa Levin

EVP, Engagement

As a Lead Engagement Strategist for Student Playbook, Marissa applies her 30 years of entrepreneurial, leadership, and corporate culture experience to help cultivate creative and innovative engagement strategies among students, families, and higher educational institutions. She is an expert in building organizational cultures where stakeholders feel connected, seen, heard, relevant, and safe. Marissa holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Education, and is the mother of a college sophomore and a recent college graduate.

Chad Massie

Product & Technology Platforms

Chad is the Principal at the M2 Group, a boutique education technology consulting firm in Washington, DC. Prior to this work, he served in a variety of roles at The Common Application,
including VP of Product & Technology and Chief Strategy Officer. He has more than 20 years of experience building teams and designing product solutions to support the needs of students, educators, and educational institutions around the world. Chad earned a Master’s in the Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Duke University.

Nancy Dunn

Product & Customer Success

Nancy Dunn is a digital strategy, marketing, and product leader who has been working at the intersection of digital technology and business innovation her entire career.  Nancy was an early internet executive, working at AOL for over eight years.  Additionally, she has worked in leadership roles at Nielsen, Time Inc., and several innovative technology startups.  Most recently, Nancy has been working as a consultant helping large companies modernize their marketing capabilities and transform their organizations to a digital first culture.  Nancy has a B.A. in Economics from St. Lawrence University and an MBA from Columbia Business School

Larry Moneta


Larry served as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Duke University until May 2019. He joined Duke in 2001 after nearly 10 years at the University of Pennsylvania, most recently as Associate Vice President for Campus Services. Larry holds adjunct faculty appointments at Duke in the Hart Leadership Program at the Sanford Institute of Public Policy and at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches in the Higher Education Executive Doctorate Program. Larry has a Ed.D. from UMass Amherst and is a Fulbright Scholar. Larry is married with 2 grown kids and lives in Durham, NC.

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