Expanding alumni career opportunities with enhanced networking

Alumni Playbook is an innovative program that provides more career opportunities to alumni through recruiter partnerships

Institutions endorse free career services, including recruiter services to build lifelong loyalty with alumni

Alumni find better jobs, faster by utilizing trusted resources from their alma mater

Employers and recruiters access a new pool of qualified talent to fill positions faster and more efficiently

Recent Graduates & Alumni

Recruiters need a constant stream of top talent. Recent alumni are that talent.  

  • Alumni complete 5-minute profile
  • Profiles matched with best-fit recruiters
  • Recruiters share job opportunities with alumni
  • Alumni access to CareerShift
Alumni Associations

By leveraging the endorsement of school partners, we build a scalable pool of talent.

  • We promote career and recruiter services
  • Alumni sees endorsed services from alma mater and sign up
  • Alumni get better jobs, faster
  • Alumni association builds lifelong goodwill and loyalty

I connected with a wonderful alumnus of our school on CareerShift who is now a director of a top IT firm. He helped me learn a lot about the hiring process and the skills that employers value in candidates, which really helped me to upskill my knowledge to meet the standards.

Hari Prabhanjan
Auburn University