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Campus Playbook helps empower colleges and universities to strengthen relationships and connections with their communities. Embracing the power of celebration and personalized recognition, we deliver customized solutions that deliver substantial impact, helping schools thrive and students succeed.

About the program



At Campus Playbook, by increasing belongingness and strength of community, we assist in elevating satisfaction and engagement, improving retention, recruitment, and giving.

We understand the deeply interconnected roles of families, students, alumni, prospective students, faculty, and staff. And we recognize that each constituency has its own, unique set of needs and goals within this complex ecosystem.

This is why we have created a suite of services and programs which provides institutions with creative solutions that Celebrate, Acknowledge, Recognize, Encourage, and Support students, families, alumni, community, and team members. We customize our CARES Program for each institution to meet their specific engagement needs.

A fun, easy-to-build montage of videos created by friends and family, packaging words and images of support, congratulations, and wisdom with lasting impact.

An easy-to-use online tool to design unique and creative photo arrangements, creating a compelling visual connection between recipient and giver.

Celebrating the power of life lessons through a collaborative, digital tool.

Cameo operates a marketplace of actors, athletes, and musicians, allowing students and families to book personalized Cameo videos to celebrate any occasion

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