What is Compass?

Compass empowers students with a precisely assembled toolbox of resources to support their internship planning, opportunity searching, and decision making.

Focused on developing key career-building skills, creating a strong network of supporters, and securing superior internships,  Compass helps college freshmen and sophomores prepare for professional success.



Successfully finding an internship and getting the most from the internship experience require expertise and perspective that exceeds the grasp of most young adults.  Compass helps students navigate the demanding journey from college to career, focusing on the needs of underclassmen.

We help students:

Content. Connection. Clarity.

Compass consists of four, integrated components plus personalized guidance to support introspection, teach best practices, and drive results.

My Assessments:
Strengths & Preference Exploration
Discovering & Developing Core Values:
Identification of Guiding Principles Process
Building a Personal Mentor Network:
Expert Networking Program
Find Your Internship:
Optimizing Undergraduate Work Experience

My Assessments

Behavior assessment and analysis to teach you about your personality and enable you to better align your decision making with who you are and what you want to do. Includes an online self-assessment as well as self-awareness exercises.

Discovering & Developing Core Values

A process to identify guiding principles, the video instruction and exercises help you find the principles that most strongly guide your decision making, refine them, and apply them to your personal and professional life. The program frames why establishing core values are important and assists you in assessing and putting your values into practice.

Building a Personal Mentor Network

A step-by-step playbook to help you create and manage a trusted team of friends, family, teachers, mentors, coaches, advisors, bosses, and others who know and care about you to provide advice and connections to help you launch and lead a successful career. Includes direction on those to include (and those not to), worksheets on managing key communications, and exercises to learn how to maximize the impact of your network.

Find Your Internship

Engaging content teaches and reinforces best practices to find and secure best-fit internships. The program helps you define your goals, seek internship opportunities, and perform at your peak.

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