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Student Playbook partners with academic institutions, employers, and families to help students navigate career planning to land great jobs

Family Education Benefits for Employers

The path to college and to career can overwhelm even the most qualified and best resourced. It’s stressful and demanding for students and often even more so for their parents and guardians.

Getting into college, thriving in college, and launching a fulfilling career are challenges that weigh heavily on virtually all employees with dependents aged 14 to 25+. Students aren’t getting the advice and guidance they need. Parents and guardians don’t know how to provide effective support.

Organizations that help employees address these concerns and help their dependents achieve satisfying outcomes position themselves to be employers of choice.

Student Playbook’s portfolio of employer-sponsored programs deliver exactly the Education Planning and Career Planning solutions employees and their dependents need to navigate and succeed in these critical transitions and life stages.

Family Education Benefits:  

Education Planning

Parents and students benefit greatly from insightful, structured guidance along the multi-faceted and demanding journey from new high school student to engaged, fully acclimated undergraduate. We help families turn hopes and dreams into thoughtful strategies, and we guide and support them through their plans.

We help students:
Daily planning
Admissions coaching:

Individualized expert support on building a plan, creating applications, and presenting a compelling candidacy.

Life skills training:

Structured, interactive curriculum teaching and developing capabilities – productivity, resiliency, planning – critical to academic success and well-being.

Expert instruction:

On-demand resources delivering breadth and depth of guidance on preparation, transition, and decision-making needs.

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Family Education Benefits:  

Career Planning

Student Playbook recognizes the need for individualized, results-oriented programs that guide students through the process of career preparation and job acceptance. We help undergraduates and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience.

We help students:
Coaching Support:

Experienced career coaches provide personalized guidance and encouragement along a guided learning and action path.

Practical On-demand Instruction:

Engaging video and interactive content teach and reinforce best practices and optimal processes throughout the career planning and job hunt journey.

Jobs & Internships Database:

Unsurpassed collection of listings, updated daily, filtered by education level, ensures effective and efficient search and discovery.


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Student Playbook’s Family Education Benefits helps organizations serve employees’ critical needs to better attract high-quality candidates, retain loyal employees, and improve productivity.

A powerful employee recruitment, productivity, and retention tool, Family Education Benefits strengthens voluntary benefit offerings.

The Education Planning and Career Planning options position organizations to help their employees effectively manage a critically important challenge, presenting great value for employees and a measurable advantage for employers.

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