What are Life Skills?

  • Life skills equip you to thrive in the classroom, and in the world beyond. Now more than ever, you need to master time management, resilience, adaptability, and relationship-building to succeed.

Why should I care?

You’re going to be juggling lots of commitments while trying to find your communities of support and friendship. Life skills help you prioritize and manage your time, find healthy ways to handle stress and seek out friendships and relationships that are healthy because you know and feel good about yourself.

Freshman Program

Student Playbook teaches you the skills you need to quickly adjust and excel on campus. Research proves that students who integrate quickly into their college environments enjoy stronger social support, greater academic success, and less homesickness. 

Review our Freshmen modules on time management, resiliency-building, and creating healthy relationships to learn how Student Playbook will equip you with these essential life skills.


How life skills & Student Playbook support your student


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