Career Playbook for Parents of College Students

Strategies to Prepare Your Student or Recent Graduate for their First Professional Job Search

Career planning expert Don Philabaum shares in this book insights into what your student will be facing as they perform their first professional job search and will give you an opportunity to become a career encourager to make sure your investment of time and family treasure is well spent.  And Student Playbook will offer a guided path to make sure your student has the knowledge and confidence needed to launch their career!


What Others
are Saying

"It’s a great, structured program that guides you through every aspect of the job search. It helped kickstart my career search journey and provided the guidance I needed along the way, complete with access to online worksheets, homework, and personalized coaching throughout the process. The program not only showed me how to find a company that values my experience and skillset, but also gave me the confidence to fight for what I am worth."
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Kynan Aguirre
University Of Washington
Student Playbook

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