Our Unique, Alumni-Driven Approach Builds a Talent Pool while Advancing Career Success

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The career journey is difficult to navigate, especially for recent graduates. Playbook’s distribution model leverages the scale of alumni associations to build a pool of qualified talent that solves challenges for all parties in the career search process.



Alumni engagement is critical for university advancement. However, recent research has shown there is a there is a mismatch between what alumni expect from their alumni associations and what alumni associations provide today. Alumni want lifelong career services as they change jobs and advance their careers. Alumni associations are often more  focused on how they can leverage alumni resources, rather than what they can offer to alumni.

Playbook fills this gap and enables universities and colleges to take a “give before they get” approach to alumni engagement.  



The career journey is fractured, especially for recent graduates. With 70% of jobs never publicly posted, alumni struggle to find satisfying employment. Job boards aren’t enough. Alumni need lifelong career support as they switch job every 3 – 5 years and they want their alma mater to offer those services.

We partner with universities to provide the career services alumni want to expand their job opportunities. Alumni find better jobs while engaging with university resources, building lifelong loyalty.



Employers and recruiters struggle to fill empty positions with qualified talent. With early career professionals changing jobs frequently, the need to access a scalable pool of talent is never-ending. Alumni associations have the talent that employers need, but accessing the right candidates can be difficult.

Playbook’s distribution network bridges the gap for employers by bringing together hundreds of university relationships and access to millions of alumni.

By expanding access to jobs and talent, Playbook helps alumni advance their careers, employers find talent, and alumni associations build lifelong engagement with their alumni.

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