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What is Career Playbook?

Career Playbook recognizes the need for individualized, results-oriented programs that guide students through the process of career preparation and job acceptance. We help undergraduates and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience.

Coaching Support
Practical On-Demand Instruction
Jobs & Internship Database

Coaching Support

Experienced career coaches provide personalized guidance and encouragement along a guided learning and action path.

Practical On-Demand Instruction

Engaging video and interactive content teach and reinforce best practices and optimal processes throughout the career planning and job hunt journey.

Jobs & Internship Database

Unsurpassed collection of listings, updated daily, filtered by education level, ensures effective and efficient search and discovery.

The Curriculum

Career Playbook’s curriculum and coaching guides students through a highly structured learning path, loaded with enlightening and inspiring video and interactive elements, powerful tools, and wide-ranging support.


What Others
are Saying

"It’s a great, structured program that guides you through every aspect of the job search. It helped kickstart my career search journey and provided the guidance I needed along the way, complete with access to online worksheets, homework, and personalized coaching throughout the process. The program not only showed me how to find a company that values my experience and skillset, but also gave me the confidence to fight for what I am worth."
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Kynan Aguirre
University Of Washington
Career Playbook


At Career Playbook, we understand that different students need different forms of support and that there’s a big difference between finding a job and successfully launching a career.


Similar to the value students receive from working with a college admissions coach, students value our program because it provides individual access to expert career guidance and support, along with powerful tools and resources. Students build confidence, comfort, and understanding. They don’t waste valuable time and energy going down the wrong paths, and they secure employment aligned with their personal skills and interests.

Parents & Families

Parents and families value our program because it delivers the support and guidance that best meets their students’ particular needs.

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