Career Playbook

The job search process has never been more complex nor competitive. Candidates must know how to identify the right employers and opportunities; communicate their experience, competencies, and skills in a compelling and targeted manner; and professionally present themselves in a wide variety of challenging interactions. No matter how strong their preparation is, new and recent college graduates face the high likelihood of unemployment or underemployment.

Career Playbook helps candidates stand out and succeed. With easy-to-use, expert resources and services, Career Playbook presents a high-impact, affordable solution that blends effortlessly into a university’s own career services offerings.

About the program



Career Playbook recognizes the need for high-quality, results-oriented resources that guide students through the process of career preparation and job acceptance. We help juniors, seniors, and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience.

We help students:

  • Define what they are seeking
  • Find suitable opportunities
  • Position themselves effectively
  • Secure optimal roles

Jobs Database

An unsurpassed collection of job and internship listings, updated daily.

Coaching Services

Experienced career coaches provide personalized one-on-one guidance.

Expert Network

Access to subject matter experts across industries, geographies, and organizations.

Practical On-Demand Instruction

Library of engaging video and interactive content to teach and reinforce best practices throughout the career planning and job hunt journey.


Opportunities to pay after employment commences. Delayed payment options available, so that students and recent graduates don’t have to choose between paying rent and finding a great job.

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