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Get Your Student Career Ready with Career Playbook

Many students don’t know what it really takes to find a good job today – and many parents and families aren’t sure how to guide them.

Career Playbook is a proven system that provides a vast array of tools and data for getting a job – but most importantly, it offers personalized, one-on-one coaching which helps students get jobs that align with their skills and interests quickly.  Career Playbook equips your grad with key resources for accelerating their job search success, such as credentialed Career Coaches, a database of jobs, a library of videos and tutorials with practical tips and strategies, and more.

As a parent, seeing your student land a promising job and start a rewarding career is one of the most satisfying accomplishments for both of you. With Career Playbook, your student’s journey from college graduate to employed jobholder will be easy, fast and efficient.

Career Playbook

Career Playbook Benefits Snapshot:

Provides One-On-One Coaching Services
Saves Time
Offers Extensive Job-Hunting Resources

Provides One-On-One Coaching Services

Your student will have a dedicated, credentialed Career Coach assigned to them. They may use this time for Q and A sessions and/or to practice interviewing skills.

Saves Time

With Career Playbook, your student won’t waste time going down the wrong path. With our self- assessment tools, we help identify the right job for your student’s skills, interests and educational background and can guide them towards openings in the current job market.

Offers Extensive Job-Hunting Resources

Our fully-immersive, step-by-step job search process includes: defining your job, building your resume and LinkedIn profile, networking strategies, and access to our Best-in-Class job database — among other benefits that will help them stand out above other job candidates.

The program pays for itself – while private career coaches typically charge $200-$500 per hour, our plans start at $99. What’s more, you and your student will easily recoup the cost of enrolling in Career Playbook by finding and getting a well-paying job faster.

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